Videos of Saturday teachings – Parting from the Four Attachments and Dzogchen

We are pleased to say that 2 videos are available of the Saturday teachings by Ven Kunsang Choephel. They are short videos of the one hour teachings on ‘Parting of the Four Attachments’ on 1 July and on ‘Dzogchen’ on 8 July.  The videos can be viewed at:  We would like to thank Tibetan Monastery Services[…]


Webcast of Saturday 08 July teaching on Dzogchen

We are pleased to announce that Gompa Services will provide a webcast of the teaching by Ven Kunsang Choephel on the topic of ‘Dzogchen’. The practice of Dzogchen (Atiyoga) or the ‘Great Perfection’ places a direct focus on the realisation of the Tathagatagarbha or our Buddha-Nature, the innermost nature of mind. The teaching will be[…]