Webcast of Saturday 08 July teaching on Dzogchen

P1370040 We are pleased to announce that Gompa Services will provide a webcast of the teaching by Ven Kunsang Choephel on the topic of ‘Dzogchen’. The practice of Dzogchen (Atiyoga) or the ‘Great Perfection’ places a direct focus on the realisation of the Tathagatagarbha or our Buddha-Nature, the innermost nature of mind. The teaching will be recorded live on Sat 8 July and will be available to view by the end of each day (Nepal time) from anywhere in the world. The webcast will then remain available to view at any time of your choosing until July 24th. To view the webcast you need to register so please go to www.gompaservices.com and sign in to your Gompa account and select Special Events; then select International Buddhist Academy and choose ‘See list of special events scheduled to be webcast.’ If you do not have a Gompa account, you can create a free account by selecting Sign in / Create Account at www.gompaservices.com
Gompa Services are part of the Orient Foundation for Arts and Culture which has been working in partnership with leading Tibetan lineage holders, scholars, physicians, writers, artists and musicians to conserve and strengthen Tibet’s endangered cultural heritage since 1983. To learn about the great work of the Orient Foundation, please go to: www.orient.org

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