Sat 09 Dec IBA teaching – Preliminary Practice: Guru Yoga

On Sat 09 Dec at IBA, Ven Kunsang Choephel will give a teaching on the topic of Preliminary Practice: Guru Yoga. Guru Yoga is an important preliminary meditation in which the practitioner visualizes the spiritual teacher as inseparable from the meditational deity, thus assisting the aspirant to cultivate a direct experience of the enlightened attributes of the body, speech and mind of the spiritual teacher. A correct relation to one’s main spiritual teacher is considered vital in the Tibetan tradition, as this lays a successful foundation for progress on the spiritual path. The teaching is in English and all are welcome. The teaching is from 9.30 to 11am. Arrive at 9am for tea. IBA is a 20 minute walk from Boudha – take the road up to Tinchuli and continue up the main road towards Arubari and take the third turn on the left to IBA. For more information ring Ven Kunsang on 980 337 2212 or