Sat 16 Dec teaching – Dzogchen

Ven Kunsang Choephel will give a teaching on the topic of Dzogchen on Saturday 16 December from 9.30 am to 11am. Dzogchen (Mahasandhi) refers to highest practice in the Nyingma School. It is called self-liberation or direct cognition. This is the last Saturday teaching at IBA for 2017 and monks and staff will be away from 19 December 2017 to 15 January 2018.

You can watch a webcast of this teaching at within two weeks of the teaching.

IBA is at Tinchuli, about 20 mins walk from Boudha Stupa. From Boudha, walk up Phulbari Road to Tinchuli Chowk big tree. Turn right onto the main road (towards Arubari) and then take the third lane on the left which has a sign to IBA on the corner. Turn left at the T-junction and follow the road to the IBA gate. Arrive at 9am for tea. The teaching will be in English and all are welcome.
For information: phone Ven Kunsang – 980 337 2212 or

One thought on “Sat 16 Dec teaching – Dzogchen

  • Dear team,
    I´m new -so sorry.
    How is it possibel to follow the teachingfrom 16.12.2017 online?
    I´m in Munich.
    My main teacher is his eminenz Jetsün Jushok. I becam teachings about Dzogchen from the Atschü yogi from Khampa Gar 2015.
    Thank you so much for the reachings of Buddha.Sorry about my English.
    thank you all
    A.-Vivienne Pema Hagner

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