Webcast of Sat 16 March teaching – Tibetan Monastery Services

IBA is pleased to announce that Tibetan Monastery Services will do a webcast of the Saturday morning teaching on March 16th by the Venerable Kunsang Choephel on the topic of ‘Preliminary Practice: Guru Yoga’ at the International Buddhist Academy, in Kathmandu. The Venerable Kunsang Choephel is becoming widely appreciated for the clarity and approachability of his teachings, which are given in English. Registration for the webcast of the teaching is now open at www.gompaservices.com. Registration and viewing will be available until April 1st. KC Tibetan Monastery ServicesThe webcast:

Guru Yoga is an important preliminary meditation in which the practitioner visualizes the spiritual teacher as inseparable from the meditational deity, thus assisting the aspirant to cultivate a direct experience of the enlightened attributes of body, speech and mind. A correct relation to one’s main spiritual teacher (who must possess the qualifications of a teacher as set down in the authoritative literature) is considered vital in the Tibetan tradition, as this lays a successful foundation for progress on the spiritual path. An essential point to understand however is that ultimately the guru is one’s own Buddha-nature.

The teaching will be recorded live and be available to view by the end of the day (Nepal time). The webcast will then remain available for you to view at any time of your choosing until April 1st.

The Gompa Services registration fee for the webcast is £4.00, or free for Gompa member-supporters. At the time you register you will also have the option to make a voluntary donation in support of the International Buddhist Academy.

To register, please go to www.gompaservices.com and sign in to your Gompa account and select Special Events / View all current events; then select the event (from the list in date order, or by selecting International Buddhist Academy from the monastery / nunnery list). If you do not have a Gompa account, you can create a free account by selecting Sign in / New to Gompa at www.gompaservices.com.