Sat 9 Nov – Ven Kunsang – 12 Links of Interdependent Origination

All are welcome to come to IBA on Sat 9 November for a free teaching by Ven Kunsang Choephel. The principle of dependent origination, sometimes called dependent arising is central to Buddhist philosophy. In essence, this principle says that all things happen through cause and effect and that they are interdependent. No phenomenon, whether outer or inner, occurs except as a reaction to a previous cause, and all phenomenon will, in turn, condition the following results. For many people, the twelve links remain an elusive subject and even more difficult to relate to one’s personal experience and daily practice. In this talk the Venerable Khenpo Kunsang Choephel will talk about the nature of the twelve interdependent links and give us guidance for our daily lives.

The teaching is in English and there will be time for questions and discussion with Ven Kunsang after the talk. For more information, please phone Ven Kunsang on 980 337 2212 or email IBA at: ibanepal888@gmail.comKunsang Choephel poster 26 Oct - 23 Nov 2019 JPEG English