Sat 23 Nov teaching – Khenpo Kunsang – Vajra Guru Mantra Practice

Khenpo Kunsang Choephel will give a teaching on ‘Vajra Guru Mantra Practice’ on Saturday 23 November at IBA. In this teaching, Khenpo Kunsang will explain the meaning of the mantra of Padmasambhava and the special importance of the practices relating to Padmasambhava during this current age. Padmasambhava, the great master from Oddiyana, together with with Shantaraksita and King Tri-song Detsen, formally established Buddhism in Tibet during the eighth century. To many Padmasambhava is revered as a ‘second buddha’, and there are many systems of meditation based on the visualization of his rainbow-like form. ‘Mantra’ refers to the pure sound which is the perfected speech of an enlightened being or meditational deity. Mantras are thus sacred sounds that have been used for many centuries in spiritual practice to focus and transform subtle energies. The sound of a mantra can still the mind and senses, relax the body, and connect us with healing and transformative energies.
The teaching is in English and all are welcome.  Arrive at 9am for tea. IBA is at Tinchuli, 20 mins walk from Boudha Stupa. From Boudha walk up Phulbari Road to Tinchuli Chowk. Turn right onto the main road (towards Arubari) and then take the 3rd lane on the left which has a sign to IBA on the corner. Turn left at the T-junction and follow the road to the IBA gate. For more information, please phone Khenpo Kunsang on 980 337 2212 or email IBA at: