2018 Autumn courses

This autumn, in addition to The Complete Path, IBA will offer a philosophy teaching on Gorampa’s Abhidharma and a Shamatha meditation retreat.

Course schedule

August 13 to 31 Philosophy: Gorampa’s Abhidharma
September 7 to 29 The Complete Path :   for details go to http://internationalbuddhistacademy.org/2018-2/
October 3 to 12 Meditation retreat: Shamatha

Details of the teachings

Gowo_Rabjampa_Sönam_Senge_wikiGorampa’s Abhidharma with Khenpo Ngawang Jorden

The Abhidharma teachings are a detailed and systematic analysis of phenomena, comprising both the outer world of our surroundings and the inner world of our experience, and their relationship. They examine the phenomenal world on the relative level of experience from the point of view of enlightened beings, thus establishing the foundation for authentic Buddhist practice.

This month IBA Principal, Khenpo Ngawang Jorden, will present his teaching on the Abhidharma text called Opening the Door to All Objects of Knowledge: A Presentation of the Skandhas, Dhātus and Āyatanas (Aggregates, Elements of perception and Senses of perception) which was composed by the celebrated Sakya master Gorampa Sönam Senge (1429-1489).

This treatise is a clear presentation of the various factors underlying our fundamental experience of life, based on the major Indian Abhidharma treatises transmitted in Tibet. It systematically explains the makeup of human experience as it was uniquely presented by the Buddha in terms of the five aggregates, the eighteen elements of perception, and the twelve sources of perception. In particular, this text gives an elaborate presentation of the profound teaching on the all-base consciousness, the alayavijnana.

The author of this text, Gorampa Sönam Senge (1429 – 1489), is an important philosopher in the Sakya school of Tibetan Buddhism. The author of a vast collection of commentaries on both sutra and tantra, his work is influential throughout Tibetan Buddhism.

Khenpo Jorden will present the entire text, revising the teaching he gave on the first part in 2014. For Khenpo Jorden’s bio details, please go to http://internationalbuddhistacademy.org/about-us/khenpo-ngawang-jorden/


Shamatha-meditation-imageShamatha Retreat with Ven Dhammadipa

Ven. Dhammadipa’s years of training in retreat combined with his extensive scholarly background make him an ideal teacher, able to guide students in transformative meditation practice grounded in a deep understanding of the path. Bhante has extensively taught the Dharma in both theory and practice, and led students in meditation retreats in Europe, North and South America, India, China, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia. (More detailed biography at http://dhammadipa.info/Bio.htm.)




For information on fees, accommodation and registration, please email us at 2register4iba@gmail.com