Language Classes

As part of IBA’s Monastic Leadership Program, our monks study English and Mandarin. They arrive at IBA with differing abilities, so they are divided into four levels for each language – elementary, lower intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced. Our teachers are a mix of foreigners who are native speakers, as well as locals who are fluent.

Conversation partners

Language fluency and confidence is helped by having volunteer conversation partners. Mostly coming via the Green Lion volunteer agency, these wonderful people give up to three hours of their time daily for one-on-one conversation with the monks. The experience is beneficial and enjoyable for all involved. 


Vision Structure Progress meetings jan 2017Due to the vision and hard work of Christian Bernert and Khenpo Jorden, IBA is implementing a new leadership
initiative aimed at giving our monks the opportunity to take on numerous roles involved in implementing IBA’s core activities –
*Transmitting the Dharma,
*Preserving and publishing important texts
*Translating key Sakya texts
*Training a new generation of Sakya leaders

Positions as coordinators and project managers are being offered for three key departments:
1) Teachings and Events
2) Monastic Leadership
3) Translation and Research

This initiative will complement training in Office Skills, Management and Leadership.