Earthquake relief

Earthquake Repair and Reconstruction

damage to the library building

Damage to our library building

The earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015, caused damage to varying degrees to IBA, leaving two buildings unsafe, while another two are still in a usable condition.
The list below outlines the main repairs that need to be made in order to ensure everyone’s safety and the continued use of the buildings.

Amounts are in US$, based on an average exchange rate of US$1 = NRs100.

1. Main shrine room ceiling (started)  25,000
2. Boundary wall (started)   12,000
3. Main gate reconstruction    30,000
4. Repair of half the courtyard verandah    15,000
5. Rebuilding of inner entrance gate   9,000
6. New pillars to be built in order to separate buildings from each other   7,000
7. Replacing solar water heating tanks and panels   6,000
8. Plumbing repairs   8,000
9. Electrical system repairs   10,000
10. Repairing all cracked walls and plaster     7,000
11. Repairing 5 support columns     8,000
12. Retro fitting (column jacketing) and shear walling two badly damaged buildings    80,000
13. Guttering    11,000
14. Painting      15,000
Total             US$343,000

Allowing for miscellaneous unforeseen repairs, as well as for underestimating the actual costs, the final total may be around US$450,000. IBA depends on the generous donations of our friends and supporters and we ask if you could kindly email  with any queries concerning the repair and reconstruction if IBA.

We have already received NRs200 lakh and sincerely thank all those who have generously donated. We deeply appreciate your kindness and support.

Thank you.

rebuilding IBA's entrance gate

Rebuilding IBA’s entrance gate