IBA depends on your continuous support for the success of its activities.

You can join our efforts by sponsoring the studies of a monk at IBA or the translation of an important text, or by making a donation towards the rebuilding and maintenance of the IBA buildings damaged during the earthquakes of 2015 and the wellbeing association of our monastic students to cover their medical expanses.

We thank you so much for your kind help.


  • Sponsor a monk through our Monastic Leaders ProgramMLP

IBA’s Monastic Leaders Program trains talented graduates from a selection of monastic philosophical colleges to become textual and oral translators, administrators and teachers to serve their monasteries and the wider dharma community.  You can make a basic or full sponsorship pledge for a year or more, or alternatively you may wish to give a one-time donation for an amount of your choice.

Basic sponsorship of US$85 per month/$1020 per year will cover one monk’s basic needs such as food and accommodation.

Full sponsorship of US$150 per month/US$1800 per year will completely support one monk’s basic living costs plus a proportion of the annual educational costs of the Monastic Leaders Program.


  • Sponsor a text translationPicture1

With US$160 you can sponsor the translation of one page of a Tibetan text of your choice. This includes salaries for the monastic scholars, the translators and the editors, as well as a percentage for the Chödung Karmo Translation Group. There are three levels of sponsorship:

Patron: sponsor the translation of an entire text
Sponsor: donate for any number of pages to be translated
Supporter: donate any amount towards Chödung Karmo’s translation projects.



  • Repair and maintenance of IBA buildings

The earthquakes of April 25 and May 12, 2015, caused damage to varying degrees to IBA, leaving two buildings unsafe, while another two are still in a usable condition. Since then, repairs are well on their way, but we are still in need of financial support to complete the rebuilding and maintenance of the IBA campus.



  • Wellbeing of our monastic studentsIMG_2285

The IBA Student Health and Wellbeing Association was founded at the request of Khenpo Ngawang Jorden in 2010 for the express purpose of assisting with students’ medical needs. Donations will directly benefit students on the Monastic Leaders Program. All funds received will be spent solely on essential medial items and treatment.

How you can donate to IBA

If you wish to help us with repair of the earthquake damage or for any other purpose, please either:

  1. Donate in Australian dollars via https://www.gofundme.com/f/ibarelief       OR
  2. Contact us via our email ibanepal888@gmail.com for details on other ways to donate

On behalf of the IBA community, we would like to thank our friends and supporters for their generous donations in this difficult time as we work towards the renewal and rebuilding of IBA.

Thank you very much!