TCP Year 4 2020

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What will be taught during TCP Year 4?

“A General Presentation of the Tantras” (rgyud sde spyi rnam) and “The Tree of Clear Realisations, part 1” (mngon rtogs ljon shing) by Lopön Sönam Tsemo

What are the dates?

His Holiness has let us know that he will teach from July 24 to August 18. He has also let us know that the daily teachings will start at 8.30 am. More Information about the TCP course will be posted as it becomes available.


Do I qualify to attend TCP Year 4?

The prerequisite for attending TCP Year 4 is either of the following:

  • You have attended TCP Years 1 and 2, or completed them online, AND attended TCP Year 3
  • You have attended TCP Year 1, or completed it online, AND received Lamdre

A way to qualify

If you wish to join the program, but do not qualify, here is one way to do so:

  • If you have received Lamdre, but have not received the Year 1 teachings on “Clarifying the Sage’s Intent”, you can register to complete this course online via

Please note that the Hevajra cause empowerment by itself is not sufficient to qualify. You must have received the full Lamdre transmission

Can I stay at IBA?

Due to the limited number of rooms at IBA, it has been decided to give priority for those rooms to students who have already stayed at IBA for 2 or 3 years of TCP, as well as to our vital translators and AV technician.

There are many guesthouses and hotels within a 5 to 20 minutes walk from IBA.

How can I register for TCP Year 4 at IBA?

TCP is part of our annual Buddhist philosophy program. Details for the whole program have not been finalized. Once they are the registration form will be available.

Until then, if you wish to register, please email us at and you will be added to our list of those interested and you will be sent the registration form as soon as it is ready.

Will there be any practice commitments?

Until Year 7 in 2023, there will be no practice commitment other than Ngondro from Year 3.

Translation of the teaching

There will be simultaneous translation into Chinese and Nepalese. There will also most likely be a Spanish translation. To receive the translation you need to bring a digital radio, android phone or MP3 recorder that can receive an FM signal. Please note that iphones and FM apps cannot receive our FM signal.