Translation and Research

The Translation and Research Department of IBA coordinates a number of activities including:

  • Translation projects
  • Publication of Tibetan works
  • Providing research assistance to academics
  • Working on a multilingual lexicon project


TranslationCKTG_official LOGO

IBA is actively involved in translation of Tibetan texts into English, concentrating on texts from the Sakya tradition. The Chödung Karmo Translation Group is our main translation body. For further information about this work please visit the dedicated website by clicking here Chödung Karmo.

Other scriptural translation work is being carried out by some of our senior monks who are working independently, endeavouring to develop their translation skills. As well as this, some of our senior monks are also involved in oral translation of teachings given by high lamas of the Sakya lineage.


A Sakya Digital Library – a collection of Dharma treasures compiled under direction of the late Khenchen Appey Rinpoche. This projects offers free online access to a great collection of important works from the Sakya tradition in Tibetan. It was realised in collaboration with Sachen International and Chödung Karmo Translation Group.

IBA also intends to produce critical editions of important Sakya works.


  • In-house libraries: IBA houses two libraries (Khenpo Migmar Tsering Library and Manjushri Library) containing a vast collection of Tibetan works, including old manuscripts, block prints and modern publications; the entire Chinese Tripitaka; and an large collection of Western language books, mainly on Buddhist studies and practice in English.
  • Monastic research assistants: IBA is also home to over 30 monks graduated from various monastic universities such as Sakya College or Dzongsar Shedra. Academics interested in making use of our facilities and human resources may contact us any time to arrange a stay on campus.