Regular Dharma teachings and meditation

IBA offers free regular Dharma talks for the general public in English, Nepali and Tibetan. These talks are given by IBA’s resident scholars, all of which have completed their studies of Buddhist philosophy at their respective monastic universities.

The talks in English cater in particular for tourists and residents who are interested in learning about the Dharma. Each week a new topic is introduced, covering various aspects of Buddhist thought and practice.

With the talks in Nepali and Tibetan language, IBA reaches out to local communities, offering both explanations of the basics of Buddhism and instructions for daily practice.

  • Dharma talks in English

Teacher: Ven. Kunsang Choephel

Time: Saturdays from 9.30 to 11 am (morning tea is served for everyone at 9 am.)

October 26 to November 23, 2019:

 October 26: Mandala practice and Shamatha meditation

       November 2: Bardo

       November 9: Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination

      November 16: Benefits of visiting Buddhist holy places and kora

      November 23: Vajra Guru mantra practice


  • Dharma talks in Tibetan

    Teacher: Lopön Wangdü Sangpo 

Time and program to be confirmed.

  • Dharma talks in Nepali

    Teacher: Bhikshu Ngawang Choephel 

Time and program to be confirmed.