IBA國際佛學院位於尼泊爾加德滿都的博達佛塔區,是由薩迦派大德 堪千阿貝仁波切創建的一所藏傳佛教佛學院。佛學院除了依循阿貝仁波切的願景,每年組織許多英語佛學課程教導來自世界各地的學生以外,也教授藏族僧人英語和中文。佛學院現在需要兩名中文教師,上課日期為2017年10月16日至12月15日,2018年1月15日開始的一整年。理想上,教師需要具有教導成人學習中文的教學經驗。佛學院學生為藏族成年僧人,漢語程度從初級至高級不等。佛學院提供食宿及生活津貼,教師亦可不住校。佛學院會提供課本及行政支持,上課時間為週一至週五的上午。關於IBA的信息可參見官網 應聘申請及相關諮詢請以英語電郵聯絡  


Swayambu visit

Ven Dhammadipa led a group of his students to Swayambunath temple with the aim of meditating near Vasubandhu’s stupa. This stupa was chosen as during his teachings Bhante has made many references to Vasubandhu’s great text, the Abhidharmakosha.                 Left – Bhante and students in front of the[…]


Chinese language teachers wanted

Chinese language teachers wanted. The International Buddhist Academy (IBA) is a Sakya Buddhist college at Tinchuli, Kathmandu, which teaches Chinese and English language to Tibetan monks as well as running many other programs. IBA needs two Chinese language teachers for 4th term from Monday 16 October until Friday 15 December and again from Monday 15[…]


15 day retreat at IBA 18 Sep to 2 Oct

Meditation courses with Ven Dhammadipa. Last Wednesday Ven Dhammadipa began teaching the Shamatha Meditation course. Next from 18 September to 2 October, Ven Dhammmadipa will lead a 15 day retreat on the Four Immeasurables ‘Brahmavihara’. This is a special opportunity as Ven Dhammadipa only visits Nepal once a year. Registration is essential and places are[…]