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Sat 26 Oct teaching by Ven Kunsang Choephel

Ven Kunsang Choephel will give 5 weeks of teachings at IBA starting with the Sat 26 October teaching on ‘Mandala Practice and Shamatha Meditation’. The teachings are in English and all are welcome.  Arrive at 9am for tea. There is also time for questions and discussion with Ven Kunsang after the teaching. For more information, please[…]

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HH Sakya Trichen’s Birthday

On Sunday 29th September the Kathmandu Sakya community celebrated the 75th birthday of His Holiness, the Sakya Trichen, at Tharlam monastery, Boudha. The day of prayers, offerings, speeches, cultural show and wonderful food was enjoyed by a large and joyful crowd who gathered to wish His Holiness a long and healthy life, and to offer[…]

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HH 42nd Sakya Trizin arrives at IBA

His Holiness the 42nd Sakya Trizin Ratna Vajra Rinpoche arrived at the International Buddhist Academy at Kathmandu on Thursday 15 August 2019 to give teachings for 3 weeks for Year 3 of The Complete Path. A heavy downpour of rain cleared the air and the most wonderful welcome dance was performed by the Tibetan community from Tingri.[…]

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中文教师招聘 IBA国际佛学院(International Buddhist Academy)是位于尼泊尔加德满都博达佛塔区的萨迦派佛学院,教授僧众中英文以期培训他们成为未来的领袖和译师。佛学院目前需要一名短期华语教师教授中文,自2019年10月7日起,至11月15日,为期5周,也可能有机会于2020年续聘。由于学生是成人僧侣,中文程度从初学至进阶不等,因此该教师应当具备教导成人学生的经验,并且必须能教授高阶中文。大多数僧人会说一些中文,同时也在学习英语。课程于寺院环境中进行。IBA佛学院可提供住宿房间、膳食和津贴,或者教师也可住在校外。佛学院将提供教科书和行政支援。课程于周一至周五上午在佛学院进行。佛学院详情可参见:www.internationalbuddhistacademy.org 欲了解更多讯息或提交申请,请联系尼泊尔IBA国际佛学院:ibanepal888@gmail.com Chinese language teacher wanted The International Buddhist Academy (IBA) is a Sakya monastic institute at Tinchuli, Kathmandu, which teaches Chinese and English language to Buddhist monks to train them to be future leaders and translators. IBA needs one Chinese language teacher from Monday 7 October until 15 November 2019 –[…]

Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden

Webcast of teaching by Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden

We are pleased to announce a webcast of the special course to be given by Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden, Principal of the International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu, from July 22nd to August 9th, 2019 on Nagarjuna’s ‘Letter to a Friend’. The teaching will be given in English with simultaneous Chinese translation. Registration is now open at[…]