Thank you to Sakya Centres

The 43rd Sakya Trizin Enthronement Ceremony We want to express our gratitude to all the Dharma friends who participated in the  Enthronement Ceremony online. Here is a unique souvenir for you prepared by Dagmo Sonam Palkyi.  Again, we want to thank all the overseas Sakya centres’ cooperation and hope everybody enjoyed this memorable occasion. Photos and[…]


我們很榮幸地宣佈,於2022年3月1日,在尼泊爾加德滿都的尼泊爾國際佛學院舉行的舉行的“藏曆新年除障法會”與“四面瑪哈嘎拉、紅棒大黑天與吉祥天母獻供法會”,專屬法會網贊助會員的供養機會。誠摯邀請您參與。您可在2022年3月1日前,將供養及迴向寄送至尼泊爾國際佛學院以支持此活動。 本活動: “藏曆新年除障法會”傳統在藏曆最後一個月終舉行。 “藏曆新年除障法會”的目的是清除過去一年的所有疾病、痛苦、厄運和障礙,並祈求來年吉祥的展新開始。 欲參與此活動請至法會網—西藏寺院服務 ,登入您的法會網贊助會員帳戶並點選 Special Events/ See details of all events and webcasts(特別活動/查看全部活動與線上直播詳情),然後從日期排序或寺院/尼寺院列表中點選 International Buddhist Academy(尼泊爾國際佛學院)。如果您還未成為法會網的贊助會員,我們誠摯地邀請您加入並享受贊助會員的多重優惠,詳情請至法會網—西藏寺院服務 。

Grand Gutor Puja on 1 March 2022

SPECIAL TIBETAN NEW YEAR (LOSAR) EVENT. We are pleased to offer the opportunity for Gompa member-supporters to send offerings and dedications to the International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal, in support of the ‘Grand Gutor Puja’ with ‘Propitiation of Four-Faced Mahakala, Gur-gyi Gonpo (Mahakala Panjaranatha) and Palden Lhamo’ to be performed on March 1st, 2022. You[…]