2019 – The Complete Path Year 3 at IBA

2019 – The Complete Path Year 3 at IBA.
We are pleased to announce that His Holiness Ratna Vajra Rinpoche, the 42nd Sakya Trizin, will teach Year 3 of The Complete Path at IBA from 15 August to 4 September 2019. The topics for TCP Year 3 will be the Preliminary Practices (Ngondro) and Hevajra Cause empowerment. Year 3 students shoHH41 bday 7.9.18 IBAuld have already completed Years 1 and 2 at IBA or at their Centre in another country or have completed TCP Year 1 and received Lamdre. Both Years 1 and 2 can be studied online. If you would like to register for the online course, please email IBA at: 2register4iba@gmail.com

We encourage anyone eligible to attend Year 3 at IBA to please register early by emailing: 2register4iba@gmail.com