Webcast of teaching by Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden

We are pleased to announce a webcast of the special course to be given by Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden, Principal of the International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu, from July 22nd to August 9th, 2019 on Nagarjuna’s ‘Letter to a Friend’. The teaching will be given in English with simultaneous Chinese translation.

Registration is now open at www.gompaservices.com.

Khenpo Dr Ngawang JordenRegistration and viewing will be available until September 9th, 2019.

The course: Nagarjuna, the great 2nd century Indian master and founder of the Madhyamaka philosophical school, wrote this celebrated poem as a letter of advice to his disciple King Gautamiputra. The text gives a concise and comprehensive introduction to the entire path and practice of Mahayana Buddhism, guiding both householders and the ordained onto the path leading to liberation and enlightenment. The instructions are of special interest to those who wish to follow a spiritual path while continuing to live and work in society; styled in a language and imagery that are easy to understand.

Each day of the course will be recorded live and be available to view by the end of the day (Nepal time). The webcast will then remain available for you to view at any time of your choosing until September 9th, 2019.

The Gompa Services registration fee for the webcast is £30.00 or free for Gompa member-supporters. At the time you register you will also have the option to make a voluntary offering in support of the International Buddhist Academy.

To register, please go to www.gompaservices.com and sign in to your Gompa account and select Special Events / See details of all events and webcasts; then select the event (from the list in date order, or by selecting International Buddhist Academy from the monastery / nunnery list). If you do not have a Gompa account, you can create a free account by selecting Sign in / New to Gompa at www.gompaservices.com.