Transcribers wanted – help preserve and disseminate Sakya Teachings

Dear Dharma friends,

Join Us to Help Preserve and Disseminate the Precious Sakya TeachingsTranscribers wanted Oct 2019

How to join the publications team of The Sakya Tradition?

Dharma students just like you are the foundation of our efforts to preserve and disseminate the precious teachings of the Sakya lineage.

If you are interested to help us transcribe recorded teachings, please send an email to and tell us about yourself, including your background in Dharma and any writing or editing experience.

In July 2018, our initial team was formed, and His Holiness the Sakya Trichen blessed our activities with the name The Sakya Tradition. Our team has been fortunate to receive the direct guidance of Their Holinesses the Sakya Trichen and the 42nd Sakya Trizin. We have established a formal nonprofit organization in the United States, although we welcome volunteers and Dharma center participation from around the world. Recordings and publications are offered online at

Thank you so much for your consideration. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Sakya Tradition