Happy Nepali New Year 2074

Today Friday 14 April is the Nepali New Year. Wishing all our Nepali friends the very best for the coming year. We have Nepali staff working with and helping IBA and we send our best wishes to them and their families. The Nepali New year 2074 Bikram sambat starts from Baisakh first of Bikram Sambat[…]

Saturday teachings at IBA

Sat 1 April teaching at IBA

On Saturday 1 April, Ven Kunsang Choephel will give a free teaching on the topic of “12 branches of interdependent arising”. The idea of interdependent arising (pratitya samutpada) is a central teaching of Buddhism. Briefly stated, it is the idea that “human life is a continuous process of change, rising and falling through interdependence with[…]