Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden

Khenpo Dr Jorden giving three more teaching sessions

WEBCAST EXTENDED BY THREE ADDITIONAL TEACHING SESSIONS: We are delighted to announce that the webcast of the teaching by the Venerable Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden, Principal of the International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal on ‘The Fifth Chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara: Mindfulness and Alertness’ has been extended by a further three additional teaching sessions and will[…]


Khenpo Kunsang webcast teaching Sat 12 September – ‘Chod’

Special Webcast Announcement: We are pleased to announce a webcast of a teaching by the International Buddhist Academy’s Venerable Khenpo Kunsang Choephel on the ‘Chod’ practices at Kathmandu, Nepal on September 12th, 2020. The teaching will be given in English. Registration for the webcast of this event is now open to Gompa member-supporters at[…]