Khenpo Dr Jorden giving three more teaching sessions

WEBCAST EXTENDED BY THREE ADDITIONAL TEACHING SESSIONS: We are delighted to announce that the webcast of the teaching by the Venerable Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden, Principal of the International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal on ‘The Fifth Chapter of the Bodhicharyavatara: Mindfulness and Alertness’ has been extended by a further three additional teaching sessions and will now continue until September 24th, 2020.  The teachings will be available to view every Thursday. Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden
This course of teachings is being recorded by the International Buddhist Academy, Kathmandu, Nepal, organized by Sakya Tsechen Phuntsog Choling Centre, Hong Kong. The course is in English with Chinese translation.
Registration for the webcast of this event is now open to Gompa member-supporters at Registration and viewing will be available until October 26th, 2020. At the time you register there will also be the opportunity to make a voluntary offering in support of the International Buddhist Academy, in Kathmandu.
The Webcast:
The Bodhisattvacaryavatara, composed by the great 8th century Indian master and poet Shantideva, is one of the most celebrated expositions in classical Indian literature of the bodhisattva path of Mahayana Buddhism. The text is written in verse and has ten chapters.  It deals extensively with the stages of training one’s mind in the generation of bodhicitta, the altruistic aspiration to attain enlightenment for the benefit of all beings, and with the essential practices of a bodhisattva’s conduct and way of life, pervaded by the qualities of love, compassion, generosity and patience.
The Venerable Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden has received numerous teachings from H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama, H.H. the Sakya Trizin, the late Chogay Rinpoche, Khenchen Appey Rinpoche and many other great masters. Khenpo Dr Ngawang Jorden holds a Ph.D. from Harvard University and has taught at the University of Chicago and was a visiting professor at the University of Vienna. In 2009, Khenpo-la was appointed as principal of the International Buddhist Academy by H.H. the Sakya Trizin.
Pre-recorded live by the International Buddhist Academy, the teachings will be available to view from August 6th to September 24th, 2020 every Thursday. The entire webcast will then remain available for you to view at any time of your choosing until October 26th, 2020.
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線上直播延長特別公告:我們很榮幸地宣佈,一系列由加德滿都的尼泊爾國際佛學院校長堪布拿旺久登博士,於每週四教授《入行論》第五品“護正知”的特別課程將加開三堂課,因此課程將延長至2020年9月24日。本課程由香港薩迦特欽秋林中心主辦,在尼泊爾加德滿都的國際佛學院錄製,以英語教授並有中文翻譯。其線上直播現已在法會網—西藏寺院服務 對法會網贊助會員開放註冊。註冊以及觀看線上直播將於2020年10月26日截止。在註冊時您也將有機會選擇贊助在加德滿都的尼泊爾國際佛學院。
尼泊爾國際佛學院將於現場錄製並於2020年8月6日至9月24日間每週四上傳。 全系列教學的影音檔將會留在線上直到2020年10月26日,您可以選擇在那之前的任何時間上網收看。
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