Khenpo Kunsang webcast 26 and 27 Sept – Practice of Prostration and Guru Yoga

Special Webcast Announcement with follow up Q&A: We are pleased to announce the webcast of a two-day teaching by the International Buddhist Academy’s Venerable Khenpo Kunsang Choephel on the ‘Practice of Prostration and Guru Yoga’ at Kathmandu, Nepal on September 26th and 27th, 2020.  The teaching will be given in English.Kunsang

Registration for the webcast of this event is now open to Gompa member-supporters at Registration and viewing will be available until October 26th, 2020. At the time you register there will also be the opportunity to make a voluntary offering in support of the International Buddhist Academy, in Kathmandu.

Gompa member-supporters can also forward questions related to this teaching and questions selected by Khenpo Kunsang Choephel will be answered at the end of the teaching scheduled for October 3rd. Gompa member supporters are requested to submit their questions related to this teaching by end of the day on September 30th by email to liaison[at] (please substitute [at] @) with the subject heading ‘Practice of Prostration and Guru Yoga, Q&A’. The Webcast:

Prostration is a traditional practice in Tibetan Buddhism by which reverence is enacted to the Triple Gem and other objects of veneration. Prostration, when combined with the correct motivation and inner practices, is believed to be beneficial in a wide variety of ways, including: the development of generosity and compassion, the purification of negative karma and dissonant emotions, the accumulation of merit and also as a preparatory act prior to meditation.

Guru Yoga is an important preliminary meditation in which the practitioner visualizes the spiritual teacher as inseparable from the meditational deity, thus assisting the aspirant to cultivate a direct experience of the enlightened attributes of body, speech and mind. A correct relation to one’s main spiritual teacher (who must possess the qualifications of a teacher as set down in the authoritative literature) is considered vital in the Tibetan tradition, as this lays a successful foundation for progress on the spiritual path. An essential point to understand however is that ultimately the guru is one’s own Buddha-nature.

The Venerable Khenpo Kunsang Choephel, a senior teacher at the International Buddhist Academy, is becoming widely appreciated for the clarity and approachability of his introductory teachings on key topics.

Each day of the teaching will be recorded live and will be available to view by the end of the day Nepal time on September 26th and 27th. The webcast will then remain available for you to view at any time of your choosing until October 26th, 2020.

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線上直播特別公告及其相關問答:我們很榮幸地宣佈,於2020年9月26和27兩日在加德滿都尼泊爾國際佛學院,由尊貴的昆桑卻佩堪布以英語教授 “作禮拜與上師相應法”,其線上直播現已在法會網—西藏寺院服務 對法會網贊助會員開放註冊。註冊以及觀看線上直播將於2020年10月26日截止。在註冊時您也將有機會選擇贊助位於加德滿都的尼泊爾國際佛學院。





每日教學的線上直播將於現場錄製並於9月26日和27日稍晚上傳(尼泊爾時間)。 影音檔將會留在線上直到2020年10月26日,您可以選擇在那之前的任何時間上網收看。

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